Zürcher Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaft, School of Management and Law

The ZHAW School of Management and Law is one of Switzerland’s leading business schools. i-intelligence collaborates with the school to develop innovative business solutions and provide teaching on competitive intelligence to graduate students.


Rochester-Bern Executive Programs

University partnerships for i-intelligence Switzerland - University of Rochester, Universität BernRochester-Bern Executive Programs provide the tools necessary to analyze, design, implement, and manage successful business strategies. They prepare executives to meet the challenges posed by today’s corporate world. Rochester-Bern offers both an international executive MBA program and tailor-made company-specific programs.  i-intelligence provide teaching on competitive intelligence to the Executive MBA students.


INCAS Consulting

INCAS Consulting is active in a number of fields including security, development and conflict prevention. i-intelligence works with INCAS on the development and delivery of training programs to professionals working in these fields.


Annwvyn Solutions

Annwvyn Solutions advises on defence and security science and technology to government and defence industry clients. Drawing upon  a wide network of contacts, support can also be provided to organise collaborative ventures between academia and international partners.



Fida Management


Fida Management works at the cutting edge of counterterrorism and counter-radicalisation. i-intelligence works with Fida Management to provide training to security, law enforcement and intelligence services across Europe.