“The content and teaching mode of this training is best-in-class and adds enormous value for people looking to master the information management challenge. Very well done!”

Marcel Koenig, Head of Global Business Development, Swisscom

“i-intelligence provides top-notch training in all areas of CI. Both beginners and experienced CI practitioners will benefit from the wealth of CI techniques presented and most valuable tools helping to put them into practice effectively.”

Thomas Hill, Director, macolytics CI-Consulting, Germany

“Great course and great value for money. The insights we received into the competitive intelligence process have been invaluable to me and my department.”

Gerald Steiner, Head Product Managment, Machine Industry

“Die Teilnahme am Kurs hat mir wieder klar vor Augen geführt, dass ein regelmässiges & systematisches Verfolgen der Marktbewegungen den grössten Nutzen bringt. Wichtig ist das bewusste einplanen von Competitive Intelligence als fixen Block im Arbeitsalltag inkl. dem Zugang zu Datenbanken, dem Internet oder einem internen Informationsvermittler. Bereits benutzt habe ich einzelne Analysmodelle & die starke Aussagekraft von schematischen Darstellungen zur Kommunikation von Resultaten.”

Raphaela Ziegler, Teamleader Information Center, Banking Sector

“The course taught us plenty of tips and tricks on how to search for online information more effectively, smartly, and in a more targeted way; how to dig deeper and access information that does not pop up in an initial keyword search; and how to monitor issues as they unfold over time in a systematic manner. Chris Pallaris’ passion for the subject is contagious, and I’m sure everybody dealing with intelligence collection can benefit from his knowledge.”

Sara Kuepfer Thakkar, Risk Analyst, Zürich, Switzerland

“Knowing how to research and analyse our competitors was very important to me as a marketing professional… The search skills taught have been invaluable in my work. A very interesting course, with valuable inputs and entertainingly presented.”

Daniela Wechsler, Manager Marketing, Educational Sector

“Applying the methodology taught by Chris Pallaris of i-intelligence, we’d first analyze the problem by taking it apart. Intelligence analysis is problem-solving. As any good intelligence problem, our question asks for a predictive answer. Intelligence IS prediction.More

Ralph A. Stamm, Editor Digital Library, International Relations and Security Network, Zurich

“The two-day training program in intelligence analysis was precisely tailored to the needs of the audience.”

Mr Erich Bertschi, Coordinator, Country Analysis, Swiss Federal Office of Migration

“Straight forward, detailed and relevant. The workshop was really up to our high expectations.”

Analyst, Swiss Federal Government

“Chris Pallaris has been an extraordinary mentor to me. Always eager to share his extensive knowledge, he has a gift for coaching people and inspiring them to surpass themselves. Chris is passionate about complexity and excels at taking it apart without losing sight of the context. Add his sharp sense of humour, and you get an absolutely fascinating course.”

Emilie Claire Boillat