Competitive Intelligence (CI) involves much more than the collection and analysis of primary and secondary data. At i-intelligence, we take a holistic approach to CI, one that ensures organisation-wide benefits and savings. That is why our experience is sought by large multinationals and small-to-medium enterprises eager to secure a competitive edge.

We can guide your organisation’s efforts with regard to:

  • Defining your CI strategy and objectives
  • Enhancing the structure, culture and organisation of your CI unit
  • Financial and resource planning
  • Technology selection and implementation
  • Defining and implementing strategic and operational workflows
  • Best practices in the collection, management, analysis and communication of competitive intelligence
  • Recruitment and development of CI professionals
  • Working with senior management and other intelligence customers
  • Establishing measures of effectiveness and evaluating return on investment
  • The practical applications of CI (e.g. media monitoring, innovation, foresight, risk management, etc.)

Whether you’re looking to establish a CI unit, brush up on best practices, or learn to exploit new sources of competitive data, we can provide world-class guidance and support. Contact us to find out how we can help.