How well does your organisation understand the challenge of information and cybersecurity? What policies are in place to minimise data theft or data loss? And how can you block the efforts of rivals and competitors to compromise your security? i-intelligence can help you answer all of these questions.

We can show you how to identify areas of risk and vulnerability, as well as how to mitigate or neutralise any challenges to your structures, systems and operations. In doing so, we’ll strip away the jargon surrounding information and cybersecurity and provide you with practical, common sense solutions to the challenges you are most likely to confront.

Specifically, i-intelligence can help you to:

  • Audit existing information and cybersecurity policies
  • Identify and understand the many physical, technical and human threats to your organisation’s information security
  • Develop and implement organisation-wide policies and processes to enhance information and cybersecurity
  • Establish effective risk analysis and risk management procedures
  • Deter rivals and other entities through effective counterintelligence policies
  • Provide practical training to staff on issues such as online privacy, anonymity, data management, etc.

Would you like to know how we can help you protect your information assets? Contact us to arrange a free consultation.