Mergers, acquisitions and alliances are common to all organisations. However, most of these initiatives fail due to poor due diligence work or inadequate risk analysis. Our comprehensive due diligence services will help your organisation to:

  • Identify and evaluate targets of interest
  • Shortlist those organisations whose resources and capabilities compliment your own
  • Understand the culture and ethos of the organisation you hope to acquire
  • Evaluate the true value of your targets
  • Determine your appropriate strategy
  • Ensure awareness of regulatory and other compliance issues
  • Avoid fraud, misrepresentation and legal exposure
  • Minimise your company’s risk profile
  • Negotiate mergers, alliances and partnerships from a position of strength

Our due-diligence reports are built on primary and secondary research, including fieldwork and interviews with past and present employees, customers, suppliers and so on. Such reports typically provide a detailed profile of the company together with a risk / impact / opportunity analysis of the proposed merger or alliance, and our impartial recommendations on whether and how to proceed.

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