How well do you know your competitors? How competent are their senior executives? Where are they expanding to? And what drives their product innovations? A detailed competitor profile is an important first step to outmaneuvering your rivals.

i-intelligence employ a range of research and analytic techniques – primary and secondary, quantitative and qualitative – to provide you with the latest intelligence on your competitors, including:

  • Strategy and business objectives
  • Financial performance
  • Customers and suppliers
  • Products and services
  • Market share
  • Resources and capabilities
  • R&D and capital investments
  • Online activities

Such profiles can be developed in a range of formats and updated as frequently as you need, and in collaboration with your staff.

Armed with this knowledge, our clients have been able to illuminate their rivals’ intentions, understand the competitive dynamics shaping their industry, and implement defensive or offensive business strategies as appropriate. Others have used our profiles as the basis for an effective competitor monitoring program, to compete successfully in project tenders, or to evaluate their own information security and counterintelligence programs.