Business development is critical to the growth and prosperity of all organizations.¬†However, most firms lack the skills or resources to identify a steady stream of high-quality business leads. Here’s how i-intelligence can help.

Unlike traditional market research firms, we do not sell lists of outdated or irrelevant contacts. Instead, we’ll analyse your business development objectives and provide you with targeted intelligence on those organisations and individuals that have a genuine need for your products and services.

Leveraging our research skills allows you and your sales team to focus on what matters most – nurturing new business, developing client relationships and closing the sale.

The benefits of contracting our business development services are manifold:

  • Cost-effective: Our analysts are trained to generate high-quality business leads as quickly and as efficiently as possible. With our help, you can optimize your research budget while also achieving a greater return on investment.
  • Accurate: We use multiple sources to validate the accuracy and reliability of the data we collect for our clients. We also conduct rigorous reviews of all interim and final products to ensure high data quality and the elimination of any errors or inconsistencies.
  • Relevant: We work alongside our clients to understand their business development objectives Further, we implement multiple feedback loops to ensure that our research reflects any changes in our client’s business environment. Thus, we guarantee that the intelligence we provide is the product of careful planning, rigorous research and maximum relevance.
  • Comprehensive: We leave no stone unturned. Our analysts employ an all-source approach to every assignment, together with a range of conventional and unconventional research techniques to provide you with the intelligence you need to outpace the competition.
  • Detailed: Our business development services go beyond the simple aggregation of names and addresses. We customize our collection criteria to provide your sales teams with the details they need to contact and negotiate new business opportunities from a position of strength.
  • Timely: Our clients are sure to receive the very latest information on their business targets. Where appropriate, we can also monitor these targets and provide you with real-time or periodic updates.
  • Innovative: We employ innovative data collection, analysis and presentation techniques to provide you with insights that an ordinary Excel table cannot reveal. Techniques such as link analysis, social network analysis and geospatial visualization are just some of the methods we use to help you make better sense of your business opportunities.
  • Actionable: Our research is presented in a manner that allows for ready comprehension and immediate action. We design our products so that they can be rapidly integrated into your company’s sales and marketing efforts, thus providing you with even greater efficiencies in time and effort.

Would you like to know how we can help your business or are you interested in seeing samples of our work? Contact us, we would be pleased to meet you.


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