Whether you’re looking to identify new business opportunities, develop market penetration strategies, or seek clarity on fast-changing market conditions, access to the right information can give you a critical edge over your competitors.

At i-intelligence, we employ a range of research and analytic techniques to provide our clients with the intelligence they need to drive strategy and decision-making, as well as the operational efforts of sales and marketing teams.  Our clients use our services to:

  • Identify, analyse and extrapolate market and industry dynamics
  • Develop appropriate market penetration or market development strategies
  • Identify competitors and analyse their strategies and business models
  • Profile customer segments
  • Benchmark rival products, services and brands
  • Map sales and distribution channels
  • Identify and overcome the barriers to market entry
  • Provide insights from analysts and commentators
  • Anticipate future trends
  • Develop and evaluate scenarios for change

In addition to external sources of information, we’ve also used our clients’ internal data, including customer databases, sales analytics and staff knowledge to grow their market share. All our research is backed by an impartial assessment of our client’s market standing or market potential, together with recommendations on whether and how to compete for market share.

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