As a general rule, the most successful organisations are those with the best information. i-intelligence specialises in providing world class business research and competitive intelligence support to our clients.¬†Whether you’re looking for detailed industry data, short answers to difficult questions, or periodic research support in times of high volatility or change, we can help. Our clients have commissioned us to:

  • Expand or support their in-house research capability
  • Conduct research and data collection on issues outside their area of expertise
  • Provide real-time news and social media monitoring
  • Identify thought leaders and industry experts
  • Compile industry, market and company profiles
  • Conduct extended field studies
  • Prepare briefings and presentations for C-Level board meetings

i-intelligence is ready to support your information needs, no matter how large or small. We can put together a team of researchers, analysts and information professionals that meet your specific requirements. The additional benefits of working with us include:

  • Efficiencies of cost, time and effort
  • First class source awareness and research capabilities
  • A rigorous, all-source approach to data collection
  • Access to a wealth of commercial information services
  • Experts in the exploitation of open source information
  • Knowledge of working in key industries including energy, finance, IT and utilities
  • Impartial and objective analysis
  • Diligence, discretion and professionalism

We provide a range of flexible contracting arrangements. In all instances, our objective is to help you focus on what matters most: making decisions and getting things done.

Contact us to discuss your research needs and how we can help.


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