You will be shown how to exploit a range of Internet sources (including social media), and how to identify and monitor your customers, competitors and markets for business critical insights. Guidance will also be given on the many tools and technologies you can use to cut the costs of acquiring business intelligence, while also improving your efficiency and productivity in the workplace. The skills taught here can be applied to any market, industry or business environment.

What You Will Learn

Planning Your Research – Identifying your key intelligence requirements
– Developing and implementing a research plan
– Using information legally and ethically
Effective Internet Exploitation – Working with keywords
– Developing search strategies
– Search operators and smart queries
– Monitoring the web and social media
– Searching the deep web
– Searching for foreign language content
Gathering Intelligence on Competitors – Finding financial information
– Using public records
– Using company media and PR
– Finding biographical data
– Using domain and IP tools
Gathering Market Intelligence – Key market and industry sources / services
– Finding market research on the web
– Monitoring academic sources for R&D insights
– Monitoring government sources for market and regulatory insights

Instructor: Chris Pallaris

Language of Instruction: English

Who Should Attend: Senior managers, business / market researchers and analysts, sales, marketing and PR professionals, R&D staff, etc.

Course Requirements: Participants are required to set up a Gmail account if they don’t have one.

Contact: To register for this course or for further information, please contact