This two-day course provides a general introduction to the practice of competitive intelligence (CI). Participants will receive training in a broad range of skills. These will help them to identify and manage their organisation’s information needs; improve their primary and secondary research skills; use different media monitoring tools; and employ a broad range of analytic techniques to profile competitors, evaluate markets, anticipate risks, and improve strategy and decision-making.

What You Will Learn

The Practice and Importance of CI – Understanding the value of CI for your firm
– The competitive intelligence cycle
– What CI can and can’t do
– The legal and ethical constraints of CI
Collecting and Managing Information – Identifying your intelligence needs
– Primary and secondary research skills
– News and social media monitoring tools
– Verifying and evaluating information
– Valuable CI tools and technologies
Analysing and Communicating Intelligence – Analytical techniques to evaluate your business, competitors and operating environment
– Effective writing and presentation skills
– Cognitive biases and business blindspots
– Learning from feedback and “failure”
Establishing a CI Unit – Guidelines for establishing and running a CI practice in your organisation

Teaching Method: This is an intensive introduction to the CI discipline. The course combines theory, computer-based exercises and group exercises. Participants will get maximum benefit by participating actively in the course.

Language of Instruction: English

Target Audience: CI professionals, researchers, business analysts, marketing and sales professionals, R&D staff

Course Requirements: Participants are encouraged to set up a Gmail account if they don’t have one.