Information is the lifeblood of the financial services industry, and one of the primary drivers of competitive advantage. This one-day program fills an important gap in the training and development of financial professionals, allowing them to extend their research skills beyond the proprietary services offered by Reuters, Bloomberg and others. Whether you’re looking to improve your knowledge of a particular market, enhance your credit risk assessments, or strengthen your organisation’s research abilities, this course is for you.

Course Outline 

Planning Your Research – Identifying your key intelligence requirements
– Developing and implementing a research plan
– Using information legally and ethically
The Fundamentals of Effective Internet Exploitation – The fundamentals of Internet research
– Working with keywords
– Developing search strategies
– Search operators and smart queries
– Monitoring the web and social media
– Deep web research
– Aggregating and managing your research
– Building custom data sets/watch lists
– Recommended tools for financial analysts
Company and Industry Research – Finding company/client data
– Financials
– Monitoring company executives
– Finding industry data and trends
– Finding industry experts on the web
– Using government sources and public records for industry and regulatory insights
– Investor reports and newsletters
Market and Client Research – Generating market insights and intelligence
– Market indices and their data sources
– Bulletin boards and discussion groups
– Quantitative and qualitative data sources
Adapting research strategies for emerging market – Working with local information sources
– Using local insights in support of analysis, synthesis and interpretation
– Managing expectations of decision makers/users of research

Instructors: Marius Ackerman, Chris Pallaris

Language of Instruction: English

Who Should Attend: investment analysts, securities analysts, fund managers, risk managers, compliance managers, financial researchers and consultants, strategic marketing managers and analysts.

Course Requirements: Participants are required to set up a Gmail account if they don’t have one.

Contact: To register for this course or for further information, please contact