Knowledge management (KM) is one of the most rewarding of organisational disciplines. The ability to capitalise on your know-what, know-who and know-how can render huge savings in time, money and effort. This is especially true for organisations active in environments of high uncertainty and rapid change.

Implementing an effective KM strategy, however, can be challenging. This is where i-intelligence can help.  Our KM-related advisory services have been developed to help you make the most of your knowledge assets while also overcoming the cultural and operational barriers to knowledge sharing and reuse.

We can help you by:

  • Auditing your department’s or organisation’s knowledge needs
  • Developing a sustainable KM strategy
  • Measuring and evaluating KM’s effectiveness and return on investment
  • Implementing best practices in the generation, capture and application of knowledge
  • Enhancing individual and organisational learning
  • Cultivating 21st century knowledge leaders and knowledge workers
  • Integrate KM into your risk management and intelligence activities

Contact us to arrange a free consultation or to find out how we can help you make the most of your knowledge assets.