i-intelligence understands the entire spectrum of OSINT-related activities. That is why our experience is sought by international, governmental and non-governmental organisations to establish an OSINT unit or improve their existing OSINT capabilities.

We can guide your organisation’s efforts with regard to:

  • Defining your OSINT strategy and doctrine
  • Establishing the structure, culture and organisation of your OSINT unit
  • Budgets and financial planning
  • Technology selection and implementation
  • Defining and implementing strategic and operational workflows
  • Best practices in the collection, management, analysis and communication of open source information
  • Recruitment and development of OSINT professionals
  • Working with intelligence customers
  • The practical applications of OSINT (e.g. early warning, media monitoring, intelligence preparation of the battlefield, etc.).

Whether you’re looking to establish an OSINT unit, brush up on best practices, or learn to exploit new sources of data, we can provide world-class guidance and support. Contact us to find out how we can help.