This two-day course provides instruction in advanced analytic frameworks and techniques. The course is intended for IR, security and intelligence professionals with a solid grounding in basic analytic techniques. Emphasis is given to the challenge of managing the complexity and uncertainty common to the analytic process, and to the effective operationalisation of these techniques in the workplace.

What You Will Learn

Advanced analytic techniques – Analysis of competing hypotheses
– Advanced scenario planning
– Social network analysis
– Red teaming and devil’s advocacy
Analysing complexity and uncertainty – Argument mapping
– CATUR analysis
– Analysing for denial and deception
Operationalising analysis – Managing the analytic process
– The culture of effective analysis
– Managing customer requirements and expectations
– Collaborative analysis: tools and approaches

Teaching Method: This is an intensive course that combines theory with individual and group-based exercises based on real-world scenarios. Participants will be required to participate actively and to provide constructive feedback to their peers.

Instructor: Chris Pallaris

Language of Instruction: English

Target Audience: Security, foreign affairs and intelligence professionals, researchers, analysts, desk officers, etc.

Course Requirements: Participants are encouraged to set up a Gmail account if they don’t have one.