This two-day seminar builds on the content of our Fundamentals in Open Source Intelligence course. The objective here is to extend the OSINT professionals practical and theoretical toolkit, thus allowing them to collect, manage and exploit a broader range of data and content types. Emphasis is also given to a wider range of technologies, including public data sets and geospatial information.

What You Will Learn

Requirements Planning – Advanced collection frameworks (user vs. requirements-driven / strategic vs. tactical, etc.)
OSINT: Extending the Source Portfolio – Public data sets
– Open data and APIs
– Geospatial data
– Statistical data
– Scientific and technical data
– Cultural intelligence
– Working with foreign language sources
Advanced Search / Collection Skills – Search strategies
– Search engines, hacks and operators
– Secure / anonymous searching
– Developing a customised search engine
– Building dashboards and monitoring tools
– Identifying denial and deception
Open Source HUMINT – Identifying and working with experts
– Interview and elicitation skills
– Analysing for duplicity and deception
Operationalising OSINT – Guidelines for operationalising the collection of strategic and tactical information
– Managing and prioritising collection requests
– Wiki-based OSINT collaboration

Audience: Security, foreign affairs and intelligence professionals, researchers, analysts, desk officers, etc.

Teaching Method: This is an intensive course combining theory with individual and group-based exercises built around real world scenarios. Participants are advised to take the Fundamentals of Open Source Intelligence course before joining this seminar.

Instructor: Chris Pallaris

Language of Instruction: English