This two-day course provides a general introduction to the discipline of intelligence analysis. Participants will receive training in range of simple solving and analytic techniques that have broad utility. In addition, participants will receive guidance on how to mitigate or manage cognitive biases and analytic blindspots.

What You Will Learn

Introduction to intelligence analysis – The role of the analyst
– The challenge of analysis
– Frameworks for intelligence analysis
– The varieties of analytic technique
Critical thinking for analysis – Problem finding, analysis and redefinition
– Brainstorming and idea generation techniques
– Assumption surfacing
– Pre and post-mortem analysis
– What if? analysis
Basic analytic techniques – Generating hypotheses and scenarios
– Developing and monitoring indicators
– Timeline analysis
– Issue analysis
– Root cause analysis
– Force field analysis
– Actor / factor analysis
Biases and blindspots – Understanding and managing cognitive biases
– Blindspot analysis

Teaching Method: This course combines theory with individual and group-based exercises. Participants will be expected to participate actively and to provide constructive feedback to their peers.

Instructor: Chris Pallaris

Language of Instruction: English

Target Audience: Security, foreign affairs and intelligence professionals, researchers, analysts, desk officers, etc.

Course Requirements: Participants are encouraged to set up a Gmail account if they don’t have one.