This two-day course provides a general introduction to the discipline of Open Source Intelligence. Participants will receive training in a range of skills including how to identify your intelligence needs, search the internet effectively, maintain source awareness and work with offline information sources.

What You Will Learn

Introduction to OSINT – OSINT in history, theory and practice
– The benefits and limitations of open source intelligence
– The essential skills of the OSINT professional
– Legal and ethical constraints
Requirements Planning – Working with intelligence customers
– Identifying collection requirements
– The Key Intelligence Topics (KITs) process
– Collection planning
OSINT Collection – The varieties of OSINT (online, offline, etc.)
– Developing and maintaining source awareness
– Working with keywords
– Search strategies
– Search operators
– The varieties of search engine
– Deep Web exploitation
– Monitoring and alert services
– Validating your search results
– Organising and managing your data for analysis
OSINT Toolkit – Essential tools, technologies and applications for the collection and management of information
– Recommended personal productivity tools and apps

Teaching Method: This is an intensive introduction to OSINT. The course includes theory, computer-based exercises and group exercises. Participants will get maximum benefit by participating actively in the course.

Instructor: Chris Pallaris

Target Audience: Security, foreign affairs and intelligence professionals, researchers, analysts, desk officers, etc.

Course Requirements: Participants are encouraged to set up a Gmail account if they don’t have one.