This two-day course provides detailed instruction in how to develop and deliver a range of intelligence products. Participants will receive guidance in effective writing and presentation skills, as well as advice in how to communicate warning and uncertainty to decision makers. Participants will also receive guidance in the use of collaborative tools for intelligence production, and will be given templates to experiment with and adapt to their work.

What You Will Learn

Introduction to intelligence reporting – The varieties of intelligence product
– Understanding the customer and their needs
– Developing and working with templates
Developing intelligence products – Intelligence briefs and situation assessments
– Intelligence estimates, reports and forecasts
– Developing oral briefings and presentations
– Multimedia intelligence products
– Collaborative intelligence production
Writing and presentation skills – Writing to be read: effective writing skills
– Communicating risk, warning and uncertainty
– Peer and self-editing and validation
– Effective presentation skills
Generating feedback – Generating customer feedback
– After action reviews
– Implementing lessons learned

Teaching Method: This is an intensive course combining theory with individual and group-based exercises built around real world scenarios. Participants are advised to take the Fundamentals of Open Source Intelligence course before joining this seminar.

Instructor: Chris Pallaris

Language of Instruction: English

Target Audience: Security, foreign affairs and intelligence professionals, researchers, analysts, desk officers, etc.

Course Requirements: Participants are encouraged to set up a Gmail account if they don’t have one.