Welcome to the first edition of the i-intelligence Newsletter!

Our company has gotten off to a flying start and we have a lot to share with you in our first edition. So, to be brief, the purpose of our newsletter is as follows:

  • To identify new tools, technologies, sources and resources of value to knowledge workers everywhere
  • To stimulate new thought in our areas of activity. These include competitive and open source intelligence, information and knowledge management, organisational learning, strategy, foresight, creativity and innovation
  • To update you on our activities, including upcoming seminars, workshops and briefings

We appreciate you all have more than enough to read, so we’re doubly grateful to you for taking the time to browse through this mail. We hope what follows is of value to you and will support you in our work.

Finally, feel free to republish part or all of this newsletter, or to forward it to friends and colleagues. All we ask is that you credit i-intelligence as the source.

1. Tips, Tools and Techniques

2. Articles and Links of Note

3. Upcoming Activities and Events

4. Where We’ve Been What We’ve Done


Tips, Tools and Techniques

New Search Tools

Blekko, a new search engine, has launched to a small amount of fanfare (see: NY Times Article). It offers a more intelligent way to search the web by using “slashtags”. These are intended to narrow your search to those website or information resources you want. An introductory video is available on Vimeo.

Freepik helps you find free photos, illustrations and vectors for use across all media materials.

SweetSearch is intended for students, but don’t let that stop you from using it. It’s index of 35,000 resources has been evaluated and approved by research experts, librarians and education professionals. In other words, you get quality results minus the junk. To learn more read the following blog post.

Yahoo Clues: Clues is a new search support / analytics tool from Yahoo that’s likely to be of interest to market researchers. Clues provides analytic data for specific keywords (including demographic and locational data), as well as suggestions for related keywords.
Metasearch Tools

Finally, two metasearch engines of note to check out. The venerable Fagan Finder has been updated, while recent launch Favitt offers users the ability to customise their search options.

Build Your Own Search Engine

The launch of Blekko reminded me of a question that’s come up a few times in our recent seminars: “How do you limit your search to a trusted pool of resources?” The answer is simple: build a customised search engine.

Whereas once, organisation would invest huge resources in developing a “limited area search engine”, you can now do it for free (or a small subscription charge) using tools like Google’s Custom Search. These allow you to index websites or specific webpages of interest and host a dedicated search box on your company website or intranet.

The following tools allow you to create customised search engines:


Google CSE



Yahoo Search Boss

In addition to the above, check out the “Add to Search Bar” extension for Firefox. This lets you narrow your search to a selected website or portal of choice.

Articles and Links of Note

Some of the smarter things we’ve gotten around to reading, watching or listening to in the past month:
Search, Research and Browsers

Twenty Things I Learned About Browsers and the Web > read

How Google Works (Infopraphic) > read

What Happens When You Search Google > read

How Search Works (Video) > watch
Trends and Innovation

Global Strategic Trends Out to 2040 > read

Innovation: It Isn’t a Matter of Left or Right > read

Being Steve Job’s Boss > read

Economist Special Report on Smart Systems > read

Strategy Can Do Better > read

Global Forces Shaping the Future of Business and Society > read (Subscription Required)

2010 Shift Index > read

The Future of the Competitive Intelligence Profession (Podcast) > listen
Knowledge Managment

The Collaborative Organisation: How to Make Employee Networks Really Work > read

Changing Education Paradigms (Video) > watch

Upcoming Activities and Events

Workshops and Seminars

We’re bringing our current training cycle to a close and will soon be announcing our training program for the first half of 2011. Details will follow in a future edition of our newsletter. We’ll also be announcing the dates of the next i-intelligence briefings, as well as Knowledge Cafes in Winterthur. Stay tuned for more.

In the meantime, if you wish to organise a workshop or seminar in 2011, please contact as at info@i-intelligence.eu.

New Website

We’re pleased to announce that our new website will be going online very soon. This will provide greater detail on what we do and how we can support your organisation. It will also provide a host of new features, many of which have also been suggested by participants at our workshops. Over time, these will include:

  • The i-intelligence blog, where we hope to track the evolution of our thinking and updated you on what we’re doing and why
  • A detailed “Resources” directory listing tools, technologies and information sources we recommend
  • A library of recommended books, articles and working papers (as well as our own research)

Over time, we hope our website will become a significant resource for knowledge workers looking to advance their skills. If you have any suggestions on what you’d like to see on our site, let us know.

Where We’ve Been, What We’ve Done

The past few months have been very busy indeed with training courses for public and private sector professionals, as well as a number of client assignments in open source and competitive intelligence. We summarise below some of the highlights:

OSINT Training at the European Union

In September, i-intelligence led a two-day training program in intelligence collection and analysis for foreign affairs and security professionals at the European Union. The program was organised under the banner of the Club of Budapest and supported by the European Commission.

OSINT Training for the Swiss Federal Government

September also saw our first OSINT training program for Swiss government employees in Bern. Special thanks are due to our colleagues at the Swiss Ministry of Foreign Affairs who helped with the logistics.

Information Literacy Working Group

i-intelligence helped launch a new working group on information literacy at the 20th Conference of the European Information Network on International Relations and Area Studies (EINIRAS). This group aims to define information literacy standards for individuals working in international affairs and related disciplines. We’ll be updating you on the progress we make here with our EINIRAS colleagues.

Trial Courses in CI and OSINT

Many thanks to everyone who participated in our trial courses and gave us such valuable feedback on the training needs of knowledge workers in public and private sector institutions.

Questions, Comments, Suggestions

Feel free to contact us with any questions, comments or suggestions. We can be reached at info@i-intelligence.eu or at +41 (0) 44 585 3919. We value your input and enjoy working with clients and collaborators alike to improve our services.

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