Designed and developed by leading faculty and experts from industry, government and academia, our seminars will provide you with the research, analytic and technical skills you need to advance your career in the coming decade.

Specifically, we will show you how to:

– Improve the quality, accuracy and relevance of your search results
– Automate the collection of mission or business critical data using free web tools
– Enhance your critical thinking and analytical skills
– Monitor social media to support strategic and operational decision making
– Improve your online privacy and security
– Protect the physical and digital data assets of your organisation
– Boost your efficiency and productivity in the workplace

To register, or for information on the discounts available, please send an email with your full name and contact details to For further information feel free to contact our New York office on +1 (917) 652-6514, or our Zurich office on +41 (0) 43 243 3849.